Everything is a metaphor for something else.


What happened to metaphoricaldwelling.org?

The domain name metaphoricaldwelling.org, which I created in December of 2000 and on which I maintained a website for four years, has now been taken over by a domain name seller.

My domain name expired on December 27th without my knowledge. I signed up for it under an e-mail account that I later discontinued for being a spam magnet, completely forgetting that I’d used it for this site. So I did not receive any notices of renewal or warning of expiration. Suddenly I couldn’t get in, and a new owner’s name was posted at ‘whois.’

The only reason anyone would want to grab a domain name like this is to hold it hostage and sell it back to me. I won’t pay. I did send an inquiry to the posted address and another to the sales organization, asking what I had to do to get it back, not intending to follow through. Oddly, the first message bounced, and the second was simply unanswered. So they are out whatever it cost them to register the name, and I am out of the name I’d established over four years’ time.

I have reuploaded the entire site, but much testing and verifying must still be done. If you spot any broken links, missing images, or other problems and want to let me know, please write to me at meredy /at/ amyx /dot/ org or m /at/ metaphoricaldwelling.com. Clicking the loon will work on some pages, but make sure the message says .com.

Thank you, and my apologies for any errors on the site.

—Meredy Amyx
31 December 2004