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Self-Storage Facility
The first time I saw a sign advertising self-storage, I nearly fell off my seat on the bus, craning around to look at it.  The idea was so boggling that I thought it had to be an error.  It became one of those concepts that lodge themselves in my mind, waiting for an opportunity to be integrated into another idea and emerge in a new identity.  I thought I had found the right expression of it when I wrote it into a short story as a bit of black humor:  a character‘s suicidal uncle rents a self-storage unit with all his belongings and stores himself to death.  But the line did not really belong in the story, and the story did not belong in the light of day, and so it goes. 
    Subsequently self-storage facilities became a commonplace, at least in our area, and I am no longer boggled; nonetheless, I remain bemused.  The signs inviting us to store ourselves are an environmental sight that always triggers a conscious thought and not the nonresponse of complete desensitization.
     Now, two decades later, I have finally arrived at the right moment to put the concept to another use.  On December 27, 2000, I became the dubious and still in principle resistant but nonetheless proud owner of a registered domain name, and today, January 1, 2001, my first Web site is mounted on a host and goes live.  The proximate motive is to give voice to sundry rants as the mood takes me, and the overarching purpose of the site is nothing other than to amuse myself with the arrangement and display of my opinions, thoughts, and interests, no better and no worse than yours and no more nor less deserving of attention.  I am not looking for an audience, particularly, although you are welcome to visit and to send me your comments by clicking the link at the loon, above.  For me, the entertainment is in the process, and the product is simply an imperfect rendition of the contents of some portion of my mind.  Behold:  self-storage.

I say that it is our duty as human beings to inspire one another.  (More on this subject in Thinking Thoughts.)  It would please me to know that a thought of mine had sparked an idea of yours.  Chances are good your thoughts would touch off something in me too.  Maybe they already have. That‘s the way its supposed to be.  Like the poets, we steal with decency from one another.

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