Story idea

Image from a dream on the morning of October 31, 2004, after attending a Wiccan celebration of Samhain the night before:

    Witches who had the tip of their middle finger ceremonially amputated as a means to power.

From this dream image was born the cult of the Vardysts. My thanks to Ethan for contributing the ideas of the gemstones and the armorial leather undergarments with embossed and inset talismans.


Message:  answers

Words from a dream on the morning of September 25, 2002:

    The answers we get in our quest for being depend on what we ask.

This seemed to say to me a little more than it seems simplistically to say, which is just that what we seek determines what we find. Because of the qualifier “in our quest for being,” I thought it meant that what we choose to seek—that is, the actual questions we ask—acts as a determiner of what we become. In that sense, our questions make us what we are.

As usual, I don’t know if this statement is true or even if I necessarily believe it. To interpret or explain a particular notion is not necessarily to own it.

Story line
Words verbatim from a dream; they almost immediately found their way into a short story entitled “T’shanga,” which may or may not be found elsewhere on this site.  The story was half-written at the time, and the dream delivered a key line.  The title “T’shanga” came from a dream the following night.  I expect my unconscious to earn its keep. 

Some people feel safer and happier within the bounds of strict convention, and so they delegate their waywardness to others.

Message:  travel light
After trip to Boston, January 1997: 

I was trying to walk on some steppingstones that went across or maybe up a rushing but muddy river.  I was carrying a number of cumbersome objects.  I was on the right path and following it fairly well, but it was difficult to keep my balance because I was carrying too much.  I understood this to mean that I was encumbered by things I needn’t have been carrying and not that I have too many burdens or obligations:  in other words, that I could choose to drop the excess baggage and walk much more steadily on the path.

Message:  less pain
These words came straight out of a dream on the night of April 17, 2000, unedited (caps and all):

    Pains Become Old Pains:  Torture Yourself Less.

I was tempted to smooth or change the first part a little bit (“Pain becomes old pain”; or “Pain fades”; or even just “Life is short”), but I didn’t.  I like the second part as it is.  It doesn’t say don’t torture yourself, just do it less.

I read this dream poem in a great and ancient leatherbound book seen by the light of a candle.  I was about 13.

If love is life’s laughter
Instead of life’s light
Then, in the hereafter,
You’ll laughin the night.

Book title
Title of a book seen in an early-morning dream, September 27, 1999:

     The Well of Magical Desire

For an expansion of this idea, see Thinking Thoughts.

Transportation innovation
From a dream at Christmas 2000: 
Residential passenger cars.  A family could own, rent, or share an entire car of a passenger train, much as the wealthy did once upon a time, and actually live in it as a principal place of residence.  It would be roomier than a mobile home, and certainly more mobile than most of them.  Residents could work out a railway schedule that would take them on regular routes with stopovers to allow for shopping, doctor and dentist appointments, and recreation and to permit children to meet regularly with teachers.  This would not do for most people, of course, but for those that love a life on the road and may be achieving it now with RVs or trailers, it would provide a stable alternative without the necessity of driving and with much more space and freedom of movement.  In my dream, I was traveling on a train that had several of these cars at the end, and I had a chance to observe how appealing the accommodations and lifestyle were.

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